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News flash: Starting April 1, 2010 Knot-A-Tail's new web site will be one year old and , we will be giving away a horse hair prize to a one lucky winner every day  for all of April  that  is registered to receive our newsletter.

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Here is one of the custom, one-of a kind prizes that we just gave away as one of the prizes for our last contest: "Send in a picture of your horse's tail contest."










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  • How to collect your horse's hair for making your own bracelets
  • How to select and attach your stampede string
  • 100 horse treat recipes
  • Fun horse quizzes
  • Western vocabulary
  • What to look for in a quality bosal and mecate rein
  • How to make minor leather repairs on your own.
  • Tie a rope halter
  • And fun horse things I can find and pass on.
  • Stories about our latest honored equine
  • Prize winners and prizes

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One girl won a special prize for sending in her horse's picture.  He was all dressed up for the 4th of July parade. Her horse was loaded full of our colorful red/white/blue tassels.   He was so adorable.  Send in your pictures using one of our products  and I will gladly post them in the newsletter.

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