For those hard rides: All leather - looped stampede string
All leather full-looped stampede string
All leather full-looped stampede stringAll leather full-looped stampede stringAll leather full-looped stampede stringAll leather full-looped stampede string

This one is a true masterpiece.


Stunningly beautiful, rugged and as hard working as you, what more can you ask for? 

Exceptional, rare beauty that will amaze you.

This will never - never  pull out and never let you hat hit the dirt,

Go ahead, run your fastest time, and we will make sure your hat stays where it belongs.

     Exceptional details
  • Melt-in your hands - select, soft supple leather 
  • Longer than any of the competition
  • Exceptional long length even before you add the thick matching  horse hair tassels
  • The hitched sliding knot and the two knots on the tassels are a generous
  • The end loops circle the  hat forming a gorgeous leather hat band
  • Unparalleled quality in this all  looped-style leather Stampede String


  • 37 inches in total length
  • 3 inch tassels
  • generous 1/2 inch hitched knots


Chasing  your hat or losing points for it hitting the dirt is never any fun, now you have a beautiful, easy answer.

ABSOLUTELY never pull out looped-style Stampede string
continually protecting your hat on the windiest days and on your fastest rides.

You don't have to play


ever again!


Just order this beauty  today.



Stunning, thicker tight Knots

Genuine leather trinmed with genuine horse hair

Professionally hand braided, FLAWLESS Beauty



Here is a link on;

How to install your new stampede string

If you have any doubts about our stampede string,  read the customer's comment below.

June 14, 2010

 I don't write customer satisfaction letters...heck...if your satisfied, what's the point?  You paid your money...what did you expect?  Fair is Fair.  But this stampede string is something I wasn't expecting.  The workmanship is perfect and it FAR exceeds my expectations. 
I didn't think the price was "cheap" so I expected something special.  I am proud to put this on my custom made hat!  Heck...if I win one in your contest...even the 100X stetson might just have to get a string...and I don't wear that one out in the dirt...

Thanks again folks...thanks again   Roland...................