Happy Holiday Horse Contest 2012

Our Boo-Horse Halloween Photo contest has been such a great sucess that we have started one for Chirstmas.Happy Holidays Photo Horse Photo contest

To enter just send your  Holiday - horse photo, story, a Holiday wish   or email  just your name to

Any Holiday Horse story or photo that has to do with your horse or barn can be entered.  Enter as many times as you like as long as it it your photo.


custom horse hair headstall



1st place winner:  $100 gift certificate

or  a custom colors horse hair headstall

               a $224.00 Value

2nd place winner;  $50.00 gift certificate

3rd Place winner:   $25.00 gift certicate

Plus great weekly prizes starting 11/10/2012

Enter soon and enter often:


Simply email name, Holiday wish,  Holiday horse story or photo to

Happy Holidays Photo Horse Photo contest



The most creative Holiday Horse Photo


                        will receive a special prize.

Happy Holidays Photo Horse Photo contest

This is Natalie's entry in a prior year.Happy Holidays Horse contest

weekly winners:

11/ 11/ 2012: Lindy R Johnson

11/ 18/ 2012:  Charlene Beckman   

11/ 25/ 2012: Martha Schwabel

12/ 01/ 2012: Jack Anderson



1st place: Bert Hamilton

2nd place : Yevette Signs

3rd place:  Erin Hearly


Extra winner: Donna Orr

Won "all my horse wants for Christmas from Knot-a-Tail is?


Happy Holidays Horse contest





  The picture to the left is from Martha Schwabel.

   Check out the horse's face. Way to funny.   




Another great entry from another wonderful Knot-a-Tail fanHappy Holidays Horse contest



 Chester is the extremely hairy pony & the three girls are Kathleen, Britney, & Jaylea... 

Chester who isn't very happy about the whole thing.  LOL!

Thank you Roberta... hope all is well for you!

Keesha Eller              


    Happy Holidays Horse contest               



My mare Dutchess in the harness with my son and daughter.

We were waiting to line up in our small towns Christmas parade.  


This was her first time in the parade and she did awesome!
Jessica Jeter


Hi!  Here is my entry for the holiday horse photo contest.   Happy Holidays Horse contest



This is my husband Marian, and our Curly horse Austin wishing everyone a Happy Christmas! 




May you spend the holdiays with those you love, and those who love you!


Thank you, Karen


Karen K. Sarul


Entry from

       Happy Holidays Horse contest   Jamie Hedge            



One of my all time favorites


from when I had this horse. :)





Dynamite the Donkey! :)
from    Happy Holidays Horse contest
Traci Hanna Yoder
Happy Holidays Horse contest












Sydney Taylor  Happy Holidays Photo Horse Photo contest

My horse Sylvia
I getting Christmas pictures taken!







Happy Holidays Horse contest







Hi Roberta
I don't have a holiday photo of my horses, or any creative stories, but would like to be entered in the contest.

My name is Fran Andrews.



Happy Holidays Horse contest




Happy Holidays Horse contest
















Excerpt from Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition - a Mom’s Choice Award Winner by Jackie Anton Knot-a-Tail Holiday horse contest

“Christmas at the boarding stable was different from the same holiday at home.  It was my third Christmas there, but Santa still found me every year. He brought me a new winter blanket, and he filled the new fuzzy red stocking that hung on my stall door.  I was a little worried that he might have put my name on the naughty list, and it would remain empty.  Last year one of the stable hands just rolled my door over while he emptied and cleaned my water bucket.  In a flash, I used my muzzle to roll open the door and snatch my stocking! It was mostly empty by then, and I pretty much shredded it trying to get at the last of my goodies.

My Christmas stocking was always filled with carrots, dried apple slices, and peppermints.  My treats lasted for only a couple of weeks, because Katie miserly doled out only one or two per day.  Mom was stalled next to me.

“I noticed that Emma is not as stingy with your ration of treats,” I complained.

Don’t you know, Mom caught me tearing up my stocking!

“Sox! How is Santa going to fill that next year when you trashed it?”

I tried to hide the evidence under the bedding in the back of my stall, but Katie found it.

Great! Then I had to listen to another lecture. You are going to have to be very good the remainder of the year, Sox. It is the only way to get off of the bad boy list so Santa doesn’t pass you by next Christmas.”

Jackie Anton is the author of "Backyard Horse Tales: Sox 2nd Edition" which has been awarded the prestigious Mom's Choice Award Silver Seal of Excellence. Backyard Horse Tales 2 "Frosty and the Night Stalker" is now an e-book on Amazon and Smashwords. Print release is March 2013. Visit Jackie at:  



Happy Holidays Horse contest