The Art Of Hair Work Book 208 Page
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This is a great compilation of 19th century engravings and instructions on how to create Hair work Jewelry.


Although this book was written for the design of Human hair, if you are looking to advance you designs and skills with hair hair, then this book is for you.


208 Page, Paperpack.   weight 1.6 pounds. Shipping out side of the US is extra. 

The craft is very similar to macrame, bobbin lace, or kumihimo. Just done with hair instead. It has instructions on the basic principles and tools involved in the craft.


There are over 150 different braiding designs included. It also gives brief illustrations on how to sew smaller braids together to make wider bracelets.

It is superb for creating a lost art of jewelry.

Book Revies:

Great book. Explains a lot on hair braiding. Great reference with step by steps on braiding