Horsehair tassel / TRIPLE layer -double horse hair tassels / jewelry tassel / 5 inch: Highly noticable
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horsehair tassel  / double tassel horse hair tassel from
horsehair tassel   / double tassel horse hair tassel from Knot-a-Tail.comThorsehair tassel  / double tassel horse hair tassel from Knot-a-Tail.comhorsehair tassel   double tassel horse hair tassel from

TRIPLE layer horse hair  tassels / jewelry tassel / tassel 5 inch: Highly noticable

Ultimate horsehair tassel/ horse hair tassel /tassel

Double tassels that are 3 layers thick.

We designed these with the Jewelry makers in mind for a

unique tassel different from anyone else.  horsehair tassels /double tassel triple layer horse hair tassel

Colors availble

  • sorrel/turquoise/black 
  • black/sorrel/white 
  • white/sorrel/black  
  • Sorrel / black / white

Can you imagine how adorable  these cuties adoring your bridle and flowing against his  your horse's mane? 

or ever so elegant on a horsehair tassel necklace.

You won't find any other double tassel, Triple  layered tassels anywhere else but


     Exceptional details
  • Be assured that these all flawless, professional braided and designed
  • Actually, you will think that we did go beyond what a tassel should be, maybe we even went so far as this one being  a little pretentious.
  • Thicker, longer, exceptional design like no other that you will find.
  • A variety of colors to make sure you find the perfect color to match your color theme.


  • Overall length is 5 inches
  • The tassel alone is 3 1/2 inches long
  • The braided loop , easy to fit and adjust loop is 1 3/4 inches long
  • The extraordinary hitched knot is over 1/2 inch wide.


 Beautiful horse hair; Picture Perfect Horse Hair tassels.

Absolutely perfect if you are looking for the Unusual.  

These are SUPER THICK!


Order today,

and start enjoying the best horsehair tassel yet!

horsehair tassesl/horse hair tassels / jewelry tassel by