Scarf slide Distinctive Wild Rag Guns design Western Scarf Slide
Scarf slide, cowboy scarf slide, wild rag scarf slide,


 Crossing Guns Scarf slide  Distinctive Wild Rag Guns design Western Scarf Slide




Scarf slide, Cowboy scard slide, Unique design with guns motif Western Scarf slide

VERY distinctive crossing gun western jewelry design on this Cowboy scarf slide.




COWBOY SCARF SLIDE!    Cowboy scarf slide Guns motif  scarf slide by


  • Impressive berry edge -  gold  trim and very detailed
  • Dynamic Etched Floral Domed  Center scarf slide
  • Embossed Guns Motif cente Cowboy scarf slide
  • ThisCowboy  scarf slide is a  2 inches  across
  • Highest Quality, Master Craftsmanship
  • Gorgeous slide for any colorful Cowboy wild rag scarf


Prefect for all your Western  WILD RAGS!  

Cowboy scarf slide Cowboy wild rag scarf slide by

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this one is the ultimate in Distinctive.


Our latest design in Western guns motif Cowboy scarf slide