Vivid 3-toned horsehair tassel, Hand-dyed, horsehair tassel, 17 colors, Very Distinctive, horsehair necklaces tassel
SKU: hh200S-3T
2-toned colorful hand-dyed horse hair tassels designed by
2-toned colorful hand-dyed horse hair tassels designed by Knot-a-Tail.com2-toned colorful hand-dyed horse hair tassels designed by
Color code

These are hand dyed.

NOW in feathered layers creating a very 

distincitve and stunninly beautiful design.


Oh, so perfect if you are making horsehair necklaces, jewlerly, or key chains.


Creating your own work of  art in your very own style let your imagination run wild with these bold horse hair tassels.


No-one as as many sytles or oringinal colorsof horse hair tassles than



You will not find these horse hair tassels anywhere else.


Also, Knot-a-Tail is the only place you will find these.


Elegant to add the horse hair tassels anywhere.

Extremely adorable  and easy to attach.


Imagine these wonderful tassels  flowing in the wind with the rhythm of your horse's mane 

  .....  breathtaking in their own beauty.

     Exceptional details
  • Love the  tasteful richness of this simple but elegant design 
  • You will find these to be unbeatable, affordable and way too Adorable which is a perfect combination to add to you horse equipment.
  • Way to easy to adjust and attach with our sliding knot
  • Be assured these are the highest quality with the tightest knots  made by master craftsman
  • Beautifully trimmed:  secure   Hitched Knot


  • Overall length is 4 1/4 inches
  • The tassel itself is 3 inches
  • The top adjusting loop is 1 inch in length
  • The stunning two-tone hitched knot is 7/16 of an inch

Order today and add these beautiful horse hair tassels to all of  your horse equipmen.

but oh, so  perfect for home decor and horse hair jewelry.

  Order early for large orders, these are almost always sold out.