Shoo fly/ shu fly tassel / horsehair tassel /NEW easy clip-on Swivel snap durable, 13 inches long horsehair tassel
SKU: hh212SLC
Shoo fly/ shu fly tassel / horsehair tassel / horse hair tassel / knotatail
Shoo fly/ shu fly tassel / horsehair tassel / horse hair tassel / knotatailShoo fly/ shu fly tassel / horsehair tassel / horse hair tassel / knotatail

 Shoo fly/ shu fly tassel / horsehair tassel /horsehair tassel  


These NEW stunning horsehair shoo fly's horsehair tassel


    Easy-on clip                                           Easy-on Swivel snap horse hair tassel brass ring shoo fly by

       heavy duty Swivel


           thicker horsehair tassel

            pure work horse!

Get them Nasty flies to back off and stop bugging your horse! Just snap on this shu fly tassel!

And these are quick and easy; with a esy-on swivel snap:  all ready for a RIDE!

Your horse is about to love your outings even  more.

  These are the WORK HORSE of the shy fly's horsehair tassel .

Help keep your favorite friend more comfortable on the your rides.

     Exceptional details
  • Wait until you have these in your hands ane realize how nice and thick these horsehair tassel shu fly's  and realize that they are going to get you noticed. 
  • Easy-on, swivel snap; heavy duty
  • You will love this thicker  horsehair tassel  more noticeable decoration for your girth.
  • Help your horse in spots he can't reach and let our wonerful shu fly's give him some much needed help.  


  • Total length is a over 13  inches
  • The flawless hitched knot is a  5/8  inch wide
  • Total length of the easy-on, swivel snap is 2 1/2 inches

Perfect for the girth and stunning on a  Harness.


Order today, and take these out for a test drive.


These perfectly reach places you not only can not reach, but certainly can not even see.   Great for sensitive legs.

You will love them and you will love how they help protect your horse in places you can not reach, no less see those nasty, biting bugs.

If you need a stunning beauty horse hair tassel to add to your purse or luggage, bags, you are no looking at the most perfect tassel ever!