Making horsehair tassel necklaces and more.

The latest fashion has taken by storm.

Knot-a-Tail's tassels are been seen around the world.  We were extremely proud to have a New York designer feather his horsehair tassel necklaces on the New York run-way.

But our tassel have gone far beyond just tassel necklaces.  I believe that one of the reasons that our tassels are so poplar is the fact that they are the Top-of-the tassel world in quality.

Here is a picture of our double tassels and a picture of an imported tassel.  ( Yes I bought one from China just to see how they are made). The China manufacture emails me all the time telling me they can provide them cheaper and faster.  However, once you see the difference you will never purchase a different tassel from a company you have no idea how they are made.

Let just look at our double horsehair tassel. 


  THE MOST POPLAR horsehair tassel that we sell.

Here is a picture of our tassel. It is all one piece.  That hitched knot on top is how the entire tassel is help together.  We take painstaking care to secure all the hair in that knot.  The horsehair is strong side to side, over and over until the knot ecases every strand of hair. The knot itself is tight and flawless.  Next, which is evern more painstaking-ling intricate, is that we then cut the layers, both of the horsehair tassels.  It is very difficult to prefect to make the layers so even.   But when we are done, you get a tassel of pure perfection, total balance and one that will not just fall about when one tread is pulled.

OK, now for the competitors,  to save time, they make two small tassels. The bottom tassel is just held by a small string and pulled up through the top tassels.  The layers are just machine cut, while ours are hand cut.

Here is a picture of the competitions.  Just one small thread holds the entire tassel together.   The thread that is wraped twice  around the horsehair to hold it together is then treaded trhough the top of the tassel and used to pull the botton tassel up to the tassel of the top tassel.   One good pull on that tread and the entire tassel will fall apart. 


Also Compare the size of our single tassel to theirs in length and size.



Next, what are our customers doing with our horse hair tassels.

Just take a look.  From horsehair tassel necklace, purse tassels, key chains,