The Perfect Horsehair tassel for your projects

Lets face it, horsehair tassels added to beaded jewelry are the hottest thing that a jewelry designer can add to their collection. horsehair tassels are all : 

                              GORGEOUS AND IN HIGH DEMAND.

Knot-a-Tail has  the best selection of horsehair tassels offering dozens of styles of horsehair tassels.  Each horsehair tassel design  has multiple colors available.

The colors are all natural or are done in 14 hand-dyed, deeply rich colors.  Bold and beautiful!

You should see our deeep RED!

The sizes are also range from 3 inches to  over 12 inches, so which one is right for you and your creations.

Here are some creation from Knot-a-Tail customers

Hopefully this will  give you some ideas that might just help your horsehair tassel  jewelry designs.  

Experience the exceptional with the stunning tassels.

This tassel is one of Knot-a-Tail's double layer, double tassels.(hh2002-13)

Comes in two sizes: This is the larger tassel.

; There is also an "EXTREME" tassel that is 3 layers and doubled tassel.

These will get noticed and work extremely well on

           larger beaded / ormented   necklaces. horsehair tassels/ horse hair tassels/ jewelry tassels by


Double layer, double tassel Horsehair tassel










The necklace here is made from  Knot-a-Tail's            horsehair tassel 4.5 inches by

horsehair tassels hh200-11 ( 4 1/2 inches)

not only do these come in 5 natural colors and hand-dyed colors

All rich and bold and ever so favored by jewelry designers.

Add these horshair tassels with some hand-picked beads, and you have an instant winner.

horsehair tassels/ horse hair tassels/ jewelry tassels by




                                                    Horsehair tassel necklace by

                                                                Catherine Wood of Trinka Designs








horse hair tassels Knot-a-Tail's slider adjuster



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