Longmire "Robert Taylor and



One of Knot-a-Tail's  most famous customers,  


Longmire hat band by




Mr Robert TaylorKnot-a-tail on Longmore TV Series









This is Knot-a-Tail's 5 stand, no tassel  horse hair hat band


 The exact one that Robert Taylor wears in the Longmire TV series.

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Longmire Days:

" Welcome to the biggest event of Buffalo’s Summer Season! Thanks to local author, Craig Johnson, our little town has become a big hit on the TV show “Longmire”! His books, based on life in Buffalo, Johnson County and Wyoming, became a popular TV show, the highest rated on A&E ever, and is now being produced by Netflix.



In 2015, at  Longmire days in Buffalo, Wyoming.

one of Knotatail's costomers was wearing his longmire hat band, when Robert Taylor saw the hat band and asked "Where did you get that hat band?

" Why from Roberta at Knotatail"

So the two of them took their picture and sent it to me.


Love Robert Taylor!

Longmire hat band by
















Knot-a-Tail's hat band was also on the  movie Real Steel worn by Hugh Jackman.

  Hugh wore one of Knot-a-Tail 's fatastic hh02tt hat band

Horse hair Hat band that is in Real Steel Moive







The more recent TV Series  VEGAS for our full looped stampede string aired on 1/29/2013!


In 2017, we will be at the movies again.

Wait till you see the new design.............. STUNNING!