Horsehair hat band, 3 Strand, Cowboy Horsehair Hat Band, double tassels, Western hat band
Three strand, Horsehair Hat Band, ,,  Western hat band
Three strand, Horsehair Hat Band, ,,  Western hat bandThree strand, Horsehair Hat Band, ,,  Western hat bandThree strand, Horsehair Hat Band, ,,  Western hat band

3 Strand Cowboy Horsehair Hat Band with double tassels Western hat band

This one presents the elegance and the simple lifestyle of the "OLD WEST"

A distinctive bold design for  all of your western hats.

   ***** An amazing beauty.

  • This exceptional hat band will expand from 20 inches to a full 26 inches
  • The easy to adjust sliding knot that is between the tassels.
  • The 3 strand  flat braid of the hat band is 18 inches long
  • The width of this hat band beauty is 1/4  of an inch wide.   
  • The tassels can either be worn on the side on in the back are almost 3 inches long.
   Exceptional details
  •  You will not be able to help but notice how professionally made this hat band is. It is absolutely  flawless in design without any loose hairs and extraordinary patterns.
  • This one will create a distinctive boldness to your hat with the remarkable designs and  the two -toned hitched knots that sets this hat band apart from any others.
  • Another feature you will love, are the matching horse hair tassels that can be worn either on the side or in the back for your individual style.
  • Be assured these are made with 100% genuine horse hair.


Order today, andjust see why the elegance 

and the true beauty of this hat band  makes it s so poplar.

A classic western beauty  at a very affordable price.

These truly are the  "BEST"  and we completely stand behind that statement.