Horsehair hat band, Wider 7 Strand, BOLD, double, horsehair tassels, STETSON PERFECT
#1 Bold black / white horse hair hat band from Knot-a-tail   / Western hat band
#2 double row black /white  horse hair hat band Knot-a-tail / Western hat ban#3 Black/ gray  horse hair hat band from Knot-a-tail  / Western hat band#4 Sorrel/black/white  horse hair hat band from Knot-a-tail  / Western hat band#5 sorrel/white/black white center  horse hair hat band from Knot-a-tail #6 Blak/white/sorrel  horse hair hat band from Knot-a-tai  / Western hat band#7  Sorrel/black  horse hair hat band from Knot-a-tail  / Western hat band#8 Sorrel/ white  horse hair hat band from Knot-a-tail  / Western hat band

Cowboy hat band/ western hat band / hat band /Cowboy Horse hair hat band

This Western hat band is the one that you will be proud to wear on your Stetson.


Like a great Stetson hat, this one demands attention!

You will quickly discover that nothing compares to this extraordinary beauty: 

A true  Westernm hat band masterpiece. 

*** This Cowboy hat band  beauty is  a whopping 7 strands wide. ***


   Each horse hair strand is 1/8 inch wide. They are hand braided and then hand-stitched together to make this X-wide, stunning beautiful horse hair hat band.

Highly noticeable, very bold

and distinctively  beautiful.


  • This exceptional horsehair  hat band will expand from 21 inches to a full 27  inches
  • The 7 strand  flat horse hair  braid of the hat band is 20 inches long
  • The width of this brilliant beauty is 7/8  of an inch wide.
  • The horse hair  tassels can either be worn on the side on in the back are  almost 4 inches long.
   Exceptional details
  • This horsehair hat band is stunningly  flawless design professionally made without any loose horse hairs.
  • This horsehair hat band  beauty will add  a perfect finished look to your western style.
  • Creates a very neat distinctive look, even the horse hair tassels have an extra loop to stay perfectly next to your cowboy hat. 
  • More beautiful than you can imagine specifically with the  two-toned hitched  horse hair knots that securely attaches the  horse hair tassels.
  • To add even more elegance and style for you, we designed the horse hair hat band with two-toned tassels ( Ex: half sorrel / half white)
  • This one will fit your hat. Easily slides to fit the smallest to the largest size hats by just pulling the tassels.
  • Be assured these are made absolute luxury  with 100% genuine horse hair.


(Here is what we do. We hand braid a single 1/8 inch strand carefully laying out the design as we go.  Then we hand-sew all 7 layers together so carefully, so skillfully  that you will never see the stitches.  An intricate process, so masterfully crafted so that have a hat band that is 100% flawless. )


You then have a horsehair Cowboy hat band is bold and beautiful,

                      and most certainly makes a strong powerful statement.




..................  A statement about  tradition, luxury, and distinction.

Order today


and get that distinctive look that you have been waiting for,



Just think:   Stunning!