Horsehair hat band, 3 strand, 3 piece Buckle Set, Show-time, Western hat band
 #1  horsehair Cowboy hat hat band Cowboy hat band
#2 sorrel/white buckle set horse hair hat band horsehair Cowboy hat hat bandt band Knot-a-tail.c#7 turquoise /cinnamon  horsehair  hat band Cowboy hat band Sorrel/black/white horsehair  hat band Cowboy hat band Knot-a-tail.c

This horsehair hat band is made for the Professional Horseman ...Looks trim, neat and looks like you mean business. 

So perfect for the show ring with the 3 piece sid buckle and No tassels

The etched silver buckle set adds even more to a very distinguished look

Hope you like a lot of  flattery and attention because you are about to find out with this exceptional beauty.

  horsehair Cowboy hat hat band Cowboy hat band

  • This exceptional Cowboy hat band will expand up to 26 inches and as small as you need.
  • The width of this beauty is 3/8  of an inch wide Cowboy hat hat band with buckle set
   Exceptional details
  • Crating a flawless look  in  this stunning design  Cowboy hat band.
  • Three strand flat braid (3/8 inch) that was make by master braiders.
  • Easily to adjust with the 3 piece buckle set
  • This had hand has a definite elegance about it that you will just love.
  • Be assured these are made with 100% genuine horse hair.

 I always think of this one as the quite cattleman:

always telling the world exactly who he is without ever having to say a word.


SPECTACULAR.... Order yours today,

and starting enjoying true Western elegance!