Full-looped Stampede String With matching Horse Hair Tassels
SKU: HH500
Cowboy Hat  Stampede String Looped: Natural colors
 Horse Hair Stampede String Looped Cowboy Hat  Stampede String Looped: Sorrel  Cowboy Hat  Stampede String Looped: Black Cowboy Hat  Stampede String Looped: Black and white Cowboy Hat  Stampede String Looped: Sorrel and White





When the wind blows, which way does your hat go?

Just make sure you say in the saddle with one of our never, and I do mean never, pull out full-looped style stampede strings.

      Exceptional details
  • If you are looking for the longest, Never, Never pull out stampede string,  well this is it!  
  • Be absolutely assured  100% genuine horse hair
  • Skillfully hand crafted the Cowboy way: one-at-a-time!
  • Beautiful matching horse hair tassels
  • The ultimate must-have for any speed event.


  • The stampede string is a very outrageous 42  inches long
  • and the matching horse hair tassels add another 3 1/2  inches.
  • Total hanging length will depend on the size of your hat.


  • All natural rich black
  • Black and white
  • Deep rich sorrel or sorrel and white
  • Our newest color: sorrel and black



The looped style Cowboy Hat stampede string requires two small holes in the rim of the cowboy hat so the loops will slide through. The loops actually form a hat band around the crown of the Cowboy Hat.


Knot-A-Tail stampede string

Don't let you hat be GONE WITH THE WIND ever again!


Order today and keep your hat on your head and while you get to stay in the saddle.  



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How to install your new stampede string