Bulk horse hair (natural colors) 1 ounce 22-25 inches Natural bulk horse hair (natural colors)
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Bulk Horse Hair, Blunt Cut Craft horsehair by
Bulk Horse Hair, Blunt Cut Craft horsehair, black horsehair,  Knotatail.comBulk Horse Hair, Blunt Cut Craft horsehair, salt-pepper gray horsehair, Dark brown / lgiht brown bulk horsehair Blut cut, bulk horsehairBulk Horse Hair, Blunt Cut,  one ounce   dark sorrelBulk cut, bulk tail horsehair, all natural colors horsehair
Bulk hair color


Clean, Processed Bulk Horse Hair!

This is for approximately 1 ounce of natural fiber horsehair.

The horse hair is between 22" - 25" in length.

Our bulk horsehair is clean and professionally processed and ready to use.

Wiat until you see all the many uses for our bulk hair!

This is blunt cut, bulk tail hair.

  •  Perfect for the unusual look in your Crafts Projects
  • Great for Pottery (creates Beautiful Curls) Unique designs
  • Create your own horse hair memorial jewelry
  • Create your own items such as hatbands and stampede strings!
  • Tail extensions for the show ring
  • forelock extensions
  • restore rocking horses
  • And many more!

 No two colors are ever exactly alike, so order all the quantity you need at one time.

email us  or call for more colors,  longer lengths, or different quantities at


Colors can be limited, so  ORDER what you need all from one batch.


Excellent to restore rocking horses.