adorable Spade Bit Earrings Stunning Intricate design
SKU: ER-185
Spade bit earrings
Spade bit earrings



Introducing the Ultimate  miniature earrings that are almost identical to the real McCoy's.

These are  the CUTEST earrings you will find. 

     Exceptional details
  • You will be stunned with the intricate details
  • Completely etched sides with the most amazing tiniest details.   
  • So real: etched slobber bars, gold plated spade bit mouthpiece, chin strap rings, raised concho decorations, and completely etched design
  • Yes, they even have  miniature rein chains. 
  • Discover outrageous details


  • Hook style earrings
  • Measures 1/2 inch
  • With the rein chains it is one inch long

Knot-A-Tail spade bit earring


These are the most adorable miniature spade bit earrings you will find. 


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