Elegant and Hard working Horse Hair bracelet: 14 amazing colors
Horsehair bracelet,  horsehair jewlery, adjustable, great equestrain gift
Adjustable horse hair bracelet sliding hitched knot from Black and white Horse Hair braided bracelet by equestrain gf#2  sorrel/black/white Horse Hair braided bracelet equestrai#3 white/black/ white Horse Hair braided bracelet by equestrain#4 light sorrel/ dark sorrel / white  Horse Hair braided bracelet by KnotaTail#5 white solid black center horse hair bracelet #6 sorrel/black Horse Hair braided bracele from equestrain gf#7 burgundy/black/white  Horse Hair braided bracelet equestr#8 blue/white/black Horse Hair braided bracelet equestrain g#9 hunter green/black/white Horse Hair braided eque#10 red/black/white Horse Hair braided bracelet equestrain g#11 Black/white/purple Horse Hair braided bracelet equestrai#12 lime green/black/white Horse Hair braided eques#13  hot pink/black/white Horse Hair braided bracelet equest#14 Aqua/Black/white Horse Hair braided bracelet equestrain #15 Teal/sorrel horsehair bracelet by Eqestrian gift
Color combination

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Saddle-up with this  impeccable beauty for every ride.  

horse hair bracelet from Perfect equestrain giftYou can wear this beauty  anywhere, all day long and never worry.


hard working horse hair bracelet

These are as hard working as you.

Perfect equestrian gift!



hand-made horsehair bracelet by



Knot-a-Tail.'s newest color

Rich teal and sorrel (reddish brown)

Hand-braided and hand-dyed in bright colors



     Exceptional details
  • Customers just like you have enjoyed this all time favorite for over 20 years
  • Amazing gift for both Cowboys and all the Cowgirls
  • You will love the perfect fit by just sliding loop: SO easy to fit all sizes
  • You will quickly discover that this beauty is hearty enough to wear on all your rides, and absolutely refined enough to wear to dinner.
  • The unique patterns and off-setting color combination's will guarantee that you new horse hair bracelet gets NOTICE


  •  Fabulous 3 strand braid: 3/8 inches wide
  •  Adjust from super small to super big: 3 inches to a full 11 inches

                                                   An impressive beauty 

Fits 3 inches to 11 inch wrist     

horse hair bracelet from Perfect equestrain gift  


 Makes the perfect gift for all equestrian  lovers.  

Order now and  capture the spirit that is so alive in you.