Fabulous Reining Horse Kilties
Reining horse Cowgirl boot kilties
Reining horse Cowgirl boot kilties


Just like a great Reining horse :::  these are AS....Kicking as it gets!.  

  • Easy add a lot of Cowgirl fabulous to your Cowgirl boots
  • Outstanding Beauties
  • Perfect details in their western etched floral design
  • Equine Designed Kilties
  • Just lace them on you lace-up-Ropers are you are ready to go.
  • Weather you are dancing or Riding, these will be noticed on Your boots.

Love showing off a little, then love these!
Reining horse Cowgirl Boot Kilties

These were just designed

             for your total enjoyment! 

So you  can order now  and start kicking-up your heels in amazing style