I will be ridin' long after the day that I die

Ridin till the day I die  

to my great friend Virginia


My bones may creek

my back may hurt  

chores take me a long while longer

For sure, my butt may not look as good

as it did when I was a heck of lot younger

But Gratitude makes my heart still sing

My soul still fly as I saddle-up most favorite stead

"Old Big Red" with four white socks

Headin' down the road for another adventure

I know I have gotten' a much much slower

throwing my leg over that heavy old roper

My rides aren't as near  long

I have been long grounded from jumps of every kind

Mostly me and another horse named Blue

down some quite back roads for a ride in perfect solitude

No matter how gray the two of us get

I can always brag about the great horse I have owned

Ya, I know, sooner than latet

I will meet my maker

Now for decades its been mostly my maker and me

no one else quit knew this old horsewoman's soul

Just make sure when I go

you toss my bridle right in there with me

Will ya, bring a braid of my horse hair

Better give him a treat while your there

Show up in your old worn-out cowboy hat

Just come  from the barn

It will be alright a little mud on your boot

Show up with a smile and kick'n up your heels

Just know I saddled-up until the moment to heaven I was sent

and once again

You will find me

jumping rainbows across heaven's blue sky

For I will be ridin' long after the day that I die.

© Roberta Edstrom