Stunning horse show blanket silver conchos Floral with flat edge design toggle back (1 1/2 inch)
 horse show saddle blanket conchos by  Great equestrian gift


Your new show blanket will be evern more Stunning by just adding your new  blanket silver.



DROP DEAD GORGEOUS conchos! Perfect for you next Blue ribbon.

                         Let you have a very polished look for the show ring.


  • Highly noticeable flat edge and floral center  
  • Easy to use and add 
  • Highly noticeable  silver etched floral background
  • Beautifully crafted and each one is an inch half  across.
  • Easy add this perfect finishing touch to your show outfit.

Imagine yourself as the Judge 


Plain or a polished look with your saddle blanket trimmed with Gorgeous sterling silver

 saddle blanket conchos by  Great equestrian gift                   






silverThis is an easy to make the perfect polished look to your show attire.



Order yours today and have a little more elegance for your next show