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Horse hair Give-away


LOVE it! Thanks so much :)




From Becky Ellis




 A knot-a-Tail Friendship Bracelet


Can you imagine your kids or grand kids playing on this Ultimate Rocking Horse?

Making real Rocking horse manes and tails using Knot-A-Tail's bulk hair.


Horse show photo contest What I will do is wrap the cut end of the tail with masking tape.  The roll I thereby make is about 3/4ths inch thick, maybe a bit less.  I trim the hair at the tape and apply a glue to hold it all in, but only on the end going into the horse...I will attach a picture...Then I drill a hole in the wooden horse to accommodate the tail and then I glue it in.  

The mane, and maybe I need more hair, but it is trimmed on both ends, laid out flat over a stiff paper and sew it to the paper.


Horse hair for Rocking horses





 Cut a channel in the horses neck and push the paper into the slot I make and glue and nail it in.  Anyway, if that helps, good, otherwise I can go into the matter at length.  I am nearly ready to go to work.  The picture I am sending is one I made for my grandsons.  Thank you. Jim.




 Knot-A-Tail is a sponsor of this up-coming event. Brought to you by Marie Hardy

Looking for the next 

Extreme Cowboy Champion.

Dare to Dream in Orange Ma is a non profit. That provides education, lessons, therapeutic lessons and camp scholarships to children and adults. We are to have our 1st EXCA fundraiser on July 18th.

Extreme Cowboy Race.  An Extreme Cowboy event challenges both horse and rider to maneuver through a series of obstacles demonstrating both horsemanship and speed. The vast majority of the obstacles that you will encounter in a sanctioned EXCA event are things you will routinely encounter while on a trail ride or daily work on a ranch.

Horses of all breeds with little or no specialized training are encouraged to participate. Two of the primary purposes of the sport are to have fun with your horse and improve your horsemanship at the same time. This is from Frequently ask QS on the the EXCA wesite Membership to EXCA required. Membership paperwork will be at the event.

Holli ShanWe started a Mastermind group for horsewoman on Facebook. 


I thought you might like to meet one of the girls. 

  Holli Shan:  an equine massage therapist

We posted a  Questions and Answers  session with Holli that you might just love to read.



 Gift from the heart: horse hair Friendship bracelet

Kelly will sadly be missed.  Our hearts and best wishes go out the family.

Hey Roberta, How are you?

I hope you're having a wonderful week so far. Great news, our Cancer Awareness Gymkhana was a huge success. We made $2,078 and everyone enjoyed it so much, we decided to make it an annual event, I'm so excited!

Unfortunately Kelly was unable to make it as she was hospitalized a few days prior to the event, so I gave the bracelet to her dad to give to her and he said he would send me a few pictures of her with it. I've included a picture of her dad with the bracelet,
I would post it to your Knot-A-Tail page, but for some reason it never works for me, so if you would like to post it, feel free. :)

Also, here's a link to the pictures I took of the gymkhana, I know there's a lot, I hope you enjoy them.

Well, I hope to hear from you soon and again thank you so much for sending me the bracelet to give to her, I can't wait to see pictures of her with it and to show you how much she loves it.
Have a wonderful night!   Tara

Lona Patton

Charity trail Ride St JudesWould like to thank Edness K. Wilkin's State Park, Murdoch's of Casper, Ken McNabb Horsemanship, Outback Steakhouse, Starline Feeds, Knot-A-Tail, Pepsi, Daylight Donuts, Indian Ice, Dominos Pizza,

All my volunteers and riders for their help in making the upcoming fundraiser trailride for St Jude a success in 2010!
RSVP... now if you're not already signed up to ride!
Prizes galore to be awarded!


hi roberta
thanks i see my hunter green shipped 
Knot-a-Tail colored horsehair  tassels
Knot-a-Tail colored horsehair  tassels
I switched today to ride turquoise since the mail wont be here before i go to goddard park tomorrow
here are 2 photos of sonny in turquoise/black
one thing i have to do is paint 2 more leather conchos to go under the regular conchos on the slobber straps
to tie in the bridle / hackamore  and reins nicely
i carved the hackamore and i rode sonny today with rhythm beads  that are in the photo and i made those too
i have a matching breastcollar but i have not been riding with a breastcollar that much lately
i cant wait to get the hunter green !!!!

heres a couple photos of the purple ones i had gotten from you  a couple years ago
this was a ride this wed i had at borderland park
i try to  have my blanket, helmet cover and shirt match
but as i change colors ill try to get some better close ups to send you
this is sonny my 14 yr old awesome qh!!!!

i really hate to ride alone  but sonny is awesome and ive started to ride the neighborhood behind me  and i did venture out at borderland before they got all tacked up  and sonny is awesome and im finding i dont have the drama of  people not riding their horses--- the horses    do what ever they want  and this one person ive been riding with a lot  im finding its much more relaxing with just me and sonny my friend has a good point im not riding alone IM RIDING WITH SONNY!

lourie wallace

(I beleive that Lourie has collected about every color Knot-A-Tail offers by now. I am sure  more picture will be coming.) roberta

Hey Roberta,
I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and I hope your week has been great.

Windy mane
I just wanted to share a pic with you that I took on 12-21-2008 while I was getting Winter Soltice pictures of our horses.

It is a picture of our 15yr old Quarter Horse Appindix gelding's (Smoked Reaction aka "Dancer") mane blowing in the wind.

The picture is a bit abstract, but I thought you would enjoy it being a fellow horse lover and also, since you have a special connection with horse hair.
Happy Birthday,

Whispering Rain Farms


 Richard, his Mule and his new Knot-a-Tail horse hair hat band



  his mule Jester,

and his new Knot-A-Tail horse hair hat band



Just thought you might want to see my mule Jester.


Your hatband is on the Atwood Straw hat.


The saddle was purchased from an Amish group in Missouri….the whole rig is for a mule.

No, I am not reselling them any of the Quirts. I think I am just about the only person in Australia that knows what a quirt, or hitching is... They just hang on the wall from a 7 foot Texas Longhorn skull.


I don't know what it is about hitched horsehair pieces... I guess that I just find it so beautiful and so tactile, and yet somehow so primitive at the same time. Its fascinating and I love it!

I have attached a photo of some (most) of the collection so far....

Hithced horse hair Quirt Collection, with the majority of them coming from Knot-A-Tail

 Kevin and his Hitched Quirt collectin from Knot-A-Tail



If you haven't had your "bluebonnet fix," feast your eyes on these:

 Blue Bonnets in Texas

Here's some pictures of our State Flower. Thought you might enjoy seeing them.
Hope you are having a great Monday.
Connie Peterson

Blue bells from Connie Peterson