Wonderfully Beaded full-looped stampede string, hat string
SKU: hh500B-looped
Beaded Cowboy hat stampede string by
Beaded Cowboy hat stampede string by


  Functional, Fashionable and Fabulous! 

 Exceptional Beaded looped stampede string with unlimited style and grace. 

   Exceptional details
  • Never pull out stampede string
  • Exclusive  beaded Looped stampede string. 
  • 100% genuine horse hair
  • Skillfully hand crafted
  • Each bead and hitched knot carefully added one-at-at time
  • Light enough so  it will not pound on your chest. 
  • Perfect for Trail riding or running games.
  • Gets YOU noticed.


  • The stampede string, hat string  is a very outrageous 40  inches long
  • The matching horse hair tassels add another 4  inches.
  • Total hanging length will depend on the size of your hat.
  • There are 2 round antique silver beads, one long antique silver beads and one small blue one to add a touch of color. The total length of the beads combined is 2 inches.
  • The white hitched slider is 1/2 inch wide


  • Rich black horse hair with stunning hitched white knots
  • Deep sorrel horse hair with stunning hitched white knots 

The looped style Cowboy hat stampede string requires two small holes in the rim of the cowboy hat so the loops will slide through. The loops actually form a hat band around the crown of the Cowboy hat.

Knot-A-Tail stampede string


It is one thing to never have to play  GONE WITH THE WIND ever again, but this beauty puts your stampede string in a whole new game.

If you like functional, highlighted with alluring and a little Sexy added on the side,  well, what are you waiting for,  just place your order right now. 




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How to install your new stampede string