The magnificence of the Hitched items

The magnificence of the Hitched items

I have seen them a thousand times, yet the moment I place a new piece in my hands, I am still so amazed at how the magnificence of each piece is accomplished.


The braider takes just a few strands of horse hair, the one thing that all horse people just thrown in the garbage and creates something so exceptional beautiful and also so  exceptionally strong, that  not only is it capable of holding up to the daily use with a horse but it also captures the undescribable beauty of a horse and magnifies it.

It is truly a piece of horse equipment that lives up to the magnificence of the horse and adds to their beauty.  Few items can ever have that claim.


Knot by knot, inch by inch, color by color, one hair at a time, is woven, weaved, cured, knoted into pieces that cost ten of thousands of dollars.


Each hair becomes the intricate part of every hitched horse hair item and becomes a magnificent tribute to the horse itself.