Barrel Racing Roper Boot Kilty's : As-kicking as it gets
Barrel racing kilites
Cowgirl boots Barrel Racing Kilties




Show off your wild side!

Need a little extra kick to your old  boots?   Hope you love getting Noticed!  

Race -up To these amazing Cowgirl boot Kilties!    

     Exceptional details
  • Cowgirl-up in Style with these amazing Cowgirl boots Kilties   
  • Stunning details of the Gold Barrel racer
  • Gets noticed
  • Traditional Western Floral Back ground
  • Quickly lace them on you lace-up Ropers are you are ready to go.


  • Overall length is 2 1/2 inches
  • These are 1 1/2 inches high

Barrel racing Cowgirl boot kilty's Enjoy Kicking-up your the dirt  with these Western beauties.

Perfect for showing off a little while showing off your wild side.

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nd show them the true  challenge of the Barrel racer ...... Being far ahead of the rest