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 A knot-a-Tail Friendship Bracelet

Roberta Edstrom's from herd of favorite horse lover's quotes

From Roberta's  Blog ... Daily Oats: Food for the horse lover's soul



Daily Oats Blog By Roberta Edstrom from


Wordpress Urgent notice: Potential Danger of Horse Hair

Urgent Notice:

Potential Danger of Horse Hair in a press release today, the National Institute of Health has announced the discovery of a potentially dangerous substance in the hair of horses.

Don't feed your horse carrots

Comments from  the old mare.

I just wanted to introduce myself, I am the old mare in the corner stall and  I have a few things to say.

1st.  Stop! bringing home all those  new horses to "MY" barn.

Jokes, funny stories and horse humor

Morning Coffee and giggles
Horse lovers always have the best sense of humor, so I thought I would share a giggle or two.   Just too cute to pass by.


Coffee and Giggles: Horse jokes and humor

Daily inspiration for the horse lover in you: Daily Oats Blog  

Are you a Horse-a-Holic?

If you answered, You bet, then you are going to love Morning Coffee and giggles.  Coffee and giggles is aimed at just how "horse crazy" we can get. 

A Cowboy Tradition aged to Perfection

Every Horse Hair item at Knot-A-Tail begins as a fine horsetail.

 The horse hair is carefully and skillfully removed without harming or discomforting the animal. In fact, harvesting the horse hair is actually beneficial.

The hair is also collected right off the range, by hundreds of Working Cowboys, delivered to the factory where a full-time employee spends her entire day, sporting every single piece of hair.

The hair, gathered into a "hank," as it is called at this point, is then cleaned further sorted.

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