Horse Poems
If you have a horse poem that you would love to share, just let us know. Hope you enjoy the ones that we have gathered so far. Whinny's

Harnessed Blessings

  Sleigh Ride, Harnessed Blessings by Roberta Edstrom

Flying snow from pounding hooves,

 Gliding, the sleigh onward moves.

Winter Magic


Winter Magic

by Mary Benson

Except from the poetry collection

Blue Mountain Rider by Mary Benson and Hedy Strauss

Homeless mustang: true story of her courage

Captured, ripped from her homeland, and still homeless 3 years later. 

Captivating, heart breaking story

based on a True story about a still homeless Mustang filly.

The Farrier's Christmas Pig

© Jack Wessels

published in ANVIL Magazine, December 1995


The Christmas Pig

I will be ridin' long after the day that I die

Ridin till the day I die  

to my great friend Virginia


My bones may creek

my back may hurt  

chores take me a long while longer

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