A Cowboy Tradition aged to Perfection

Every Horse Hair item at Knot-A-Tail begins as a fine horsetail.

 The horse hair is carefully and skillfully removed without harming or discomforting the animal. In fact, harvesting the horse hair is actually beneficial.

The hair is also collected right off the range, by hundreds of Working Cowboys, delivered to the factory where a full-time employee spends her entire day, sporting every single piece of hair.

The hair, gathered into a "hank," as it is called at this point, is then cleaned further sorted.

The raw hair, some of which is colored with natural pigments, is then separated and twisted by weavers into "hair-pulls." It is then braided or hitched to create our very distinctive designs. Some is dyed to the boldest, brightest colors that we use for the most unique patterns for the fantastic selection of horse hair items that we can provide to you.

It is this combination of the natural Horse Hair fibers and skillful hands that braid or hitch all of our Horse Hair items, done in the Authentic Cowboy way, one-at-a-Time that provides you with the master craftsmanship and the largest selection of horse hair items anywhere.
Enjoy with confidence.
Collecting your own horse hair for custom items