How to make Cowboy Horse Gear
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How to Make Cowboy Horse Gear




Yes, you can learn to make and repair your own horse equipment.

How to Make Cowboy Hose Gear By Bruce Grant

Paperback book  186 Pages

  • Making and Working with Rawhide
  • Turk's Knot
  • Spanish Ring Knot
  • Rawhide Bosal
  • Bosal Knots
  • Slit-Braid Hackamore - Bosal Headstall
  • Braided Hackamore - Bosal Headstall
  • Rigging the Bosal
  • Ole Fiador Knot
  • Tie the Bosal and Reins
  • Braided Reins
  • Secure Rein Knots
  • Braided Romal
  • Button Knot
  • Braided Lash
  • Braided Curb Strap
  • Quirt
  • Riding Corp
  • Lone Star Braid
  • Tamale
  • Honda
  • Saddle Horn Knot
  • Saddle Decorations

Enjoy learning from this wonderful book.


With a section on "How to make a Western Saddle"

It is loaded full of pictures and lot of detailed  instructions.

Some of the projects are easy and others will take some time and study.

I have made several of the project in a few hours.


The saddle chapter, I feel is not enough to learn to make a saddle but it still has lots of information on saddles, rigging's and how they are made.

Extremely useful information for  repairs.

ORDER TODAY, and start saving money on repair and your own designed tack.