Hitched Horse Hair, The Complete guide for self learning by Shoni Maulding
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Hitched horsehair: the complete guide for self learninng

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Hitched Horse Hair,  The Complete guide for self learning by Shoni Maulding

Paper back book, 189 pages. 

You will learn

  • The basic steps of hitching
  •  the 6 row diamond which patters are based on
  • Traditional knots for covering joints and making things look pretty
  • tips to help you become proficient

In depth instructions to easy learn the Craft of Hitching by Shoni Maulding 8 1/2X 11 inches 192 pages. This is the book to really get you going into the craft of Horse hair art and making some of the most unique tack and jewelry.

  • chapter 1: Overview of learning to hitch
  • chapter 2: Buying hair and making pulls
  • chapter 3: How to hitch
  • chapter 4: How to add, drop and stand pulls
  • chapter 5: How to hitch a 6 row diamond
  • chapter 6: Dyeing horsehair
  • chapter 7: How to cross sticth
  • chapter 8: Number of pulls per dowel size
  • chapter 9: Sizing of hitched horse hair items - belts and hat bands
  • chapter 10: Finishing belts, hatbands and key fobs
  • chapter 11: How to use graph paper
  • chapter 12: Leather belt ends
  • chapter 13: Making knots to cover joints
  • chapter 14: Choosing colors and patterns
  • chapter 15: The horsehair press
  • chapter 16: Inlays
  • chapter 17: Headstalls and reins
  • chapter 18: History
  • chapter 19: Odds and ends
  • chapter 20: Complete patterns and directions
  • chapter 21: In the round patterns


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