Hitching horsehair II Advanced patterns/ inlay projects
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Hitching horsehair  II;  Advanced patterns and inlay projects

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Advance Hitching  horse hair Book

Hitching horsehair II advanced patterns and inlay projects

by Shoni and Ron Maulding

Each graphed pattern progressively guides hitchers through advanced patterns.  All patterns have been hitched by Shoni and are recreated exclusively for this book.   Compete directions and a vast array of geometrices and pictorials aid in the execution of the patterns and projects.

Plus a new distinctive hitching technique is exclusively revealed.

Most importantly, Hitched Horsehair II, is an indispensable guide that teaches you to break the rules and to empower your creativity.


  1. Take this book and run with it
  2. General pattern information
  3. Hitching inlays
  4. General inlay information
  5. Projects
  • hitched inlays in Leather
  • barrettes and pins buckles and bolos
  • belts
  • belt buckle
  • capelet
  • checkbook cover
  • indian cradleboard
  • leather purse
  • notepad
  • quiver
  • saddle

   6. Advanced patterns

  • alphabet and numbers
  • American flag
  • blue pony
  • buffalo
  • eagle- large
  • eagle - small
  • eagles with American flags
  • End of trail
  • Feather with geometric
  • Kokopelli
  • morningstar
  • rosebud in feather
  • three feathers with a geometric
  • walking bear
  • plus all the patterns

  7.  Beaded  embellishment

  8.  Stitching

  9.  Belt tie ends

 10.  Odds and ends tips

 about the author


  • Suppliers and resources
  • Glossary
  • Index 

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