DVD Hitchin' Horsehair II Making horse hair belts
SKU: D1005W
Hitching horse hair 11 DVD making horse hair belts

A follow up instructional DVD by Gary Stark using the traditional art of hitched horsehair to make belts. Approximately 2 Hours (DVD).

Hitching Horsehair  11 is a comprehensive guide to hitching western belts our of horsehair.   This is a two hour video that includes a review of the basic diamond pattern, from Video 1, then leads to more complete patterns.   Several actual projects in the making are shown displaying the building of the patterns to spark the imagination of the viewer.   Gary takes you along while he hitches belts.  He also shares information on sewing knots, how to measure the proper fit and pressing the horsehair.   This is the complete video guide to those seeking instruction on how to make a hitched horsehair belt.

This is a lifelong love and a wey to make addition revenue.