Introduction to Rawhide Braiding "The Cowboy Craft" - Bryan Neubert
SKU: D1005W

Introduction To Rawhide Braiding "The Cowboy's Craft" with Bryan Neubert.

This (Bryan Neubert), This DVD goes beyond the beginning to more advanced projects.

Making a one string long button, interweave with decoration and how to increase a Spanish ring button are just a few of the projects covered. (DVD)


This video is 2 hours long.  It includes all the basic buttons necessary for making reins, romals, bosals, quirts, hackamores, reatas and hobbles. 

Also included are sources for tools and materials and an insert detailing string measurements. 

The buttons and braiding are clear and easy to follow.


Easy learn how to  make your own gear from this tape, perhaps evern turn your new trade into a full time business. 

This video is for beginners or the intermediate.