Bulk White horse hair (all natual white) 1 pound
SKU: Bulk-white-lb
Bulk Horse Hair, Blunt Cut,  one pound  creamy white
Bulk Horse Hair, Blunt Cut,  one pound  creamy white, tail, bulk horsehair


Clean, ready to use ** Bulk Horse Hair!

 Color: all natual white ( shade will vary from creamy white to blounder white)

Our bulk horsehair is clean and professionally processed.
The horse hair is between 22" - 25" in length.

Bulk Hair has many uses!                                 

  • Perfect for the unusaul look in your Crafts Projects
  • Great for Pottery (creates Beautiful Curls) Unique designs
  • Create your own horse hair memorial jewelry
  • Create your own items such as hatbands and stampede strings!
  • Tail extensions for the show ring
  • And many more!


 No two colors are ever exactly alike, so order all the quantity you need at one time.


Colors can be limited, so  ORDER what you need NOW