Longmire, Horsehair hat band, 5 strand, Horsehair Hat Band, Impressive
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#7  Cowboy horsehair hat band  Longmire style browns/white
#1 double row-black/ white,  Horsehair hat band, gray /black, horsehair hat  band, cowboy hat band, black/ white - white outline Horsehair hat band  from brownl/black/white  horse hair hat band from Knot-a-tail  / Western hat band#6 black/cinnamon brown, horsehair hat band, by Longmire, Browns/white,  horsehair hat band,  from Knot-a-tail Customers Love the Longmire designed hat band #8 Cinnamon brown / black,horsehair hat band,  from Knot-a-tail #10 Turquoise-Cinnamon brown, 5 strand horsehair hat bandCustomers Love the Longmire designed hat band Customers Love the Longmire designed hat band Customers Love the Longmire designed hat band




Make your hat  LEGENDARY   "Longmire style.  

Yes, it is  the horsehair hat band that Robert Taylor "Longmire" wears!


The latest comment:  "Dear knot-a-tail,

hi, just a quick note to thank you for the great hat band. i like it. perfect accent for my brown Stetson. i have left positive feedback with five stars in all categories    Mar

This traditional Western hat band beauty that makes a very bold statement. 

      Exceptional details
  • Your hat will stand out from the ordinary with this horsehair hat band
  • Love the remarkably designs- each hat band is  bold and distinctive 
  • professional made
  • Wider syle
  • Trimmed with solid professional hitched knots
  • Easy adjust to fit most any size hat with the two sliding knots.
  • Highly noticeable on a straw or on your most expensive Western hat
  • Easy to adjust the length from 15 inches to as large as 27inches
  •  5 strands of horsehair making the width just a touch over 5/8 inch wide.
  • The flawless hitched knots are over 1/2 inches wide as well.




with unbeatable quality


Show your impeccable sense of Western  taste and prepare to sizzle.

Order today and with our unbeatable guarantee know that you are ordering the absolute best.


Robert Taylor from the TV series  Longmire this sytle in our  #7 sorrel brown  and white horsehair.