Horsehair Key Chain, tassel, Perfect for your Cowgirl purse, Fabulously Beaded
SKU: HH80B-3
Beaded Key chain with tassel  by great equestrain gift
Beaded Key chain with tassel  by great equestrain giftBeaded Key chain with tassel  by great equestrain gift Beaded Key chain with tassel great equestrian gift by

This horsehair key chain  is barn rugged 

A stunning beauty you will enjoy or as a gift for an equestrian friend. 

 Think about it,

     those you love will enjoy  your gift every day

         ****  .A must have!

     Exceptional details
  • Hope you are ready to show this horse hair key chain off, because everyone is going to ask you were you found this cutie.
  • Three horse hair braids are combined to weave the deeply etched styled bead into this wonderful design. 
  • Intricately, tightly  braided to produce the woven design.  
  • Made with 100% genuine horse hair and done by the hands of master craftsman


  • Overall horse hair key chain  length is 7  inches
  • The width  of the braid part 3/4 inch wide and the hitched knot is just over 1/2 inch
  • The braided horse hair design with the bead is 3 1/2 in length
  • The key ring is 1 1/4 inch wide, which is plenty of room for all of your keys.   


 You are about to be so loved with this oh so  perfect equestrian gift, Knot-a-Tail horse hair key chain  for all horse lovers in your life.

100% genuine horse hair

100% flawlessly hand-made

100% a Cowgirl cutie.


Just pick our your favorite horse hair key chain  color and

                Order today,

then start spoiling your friends or yourself with  this unique, very adorable, attention getting key chain.